Valentine’s Day Photoshoot: The Perfect, Personalised and Passionate Gift

Valentine's photoshoot at Ivy Rose

Valentine's Day is about you and your partner, and though the origins of this day are no longer relevant, the sentiment is. We believe that love is all about originality and passion. At Ivy Rose we specialise in capturing the passion in your relationship or the passion you hold for that special someone and our boudoir shoots are sure to set yours and your partner's pulses racing. We love what we do and have been thrilled by how much our customers have enjoyed the experience and outcome. A day with us will make you feel like royalty, but perhaps more Kardashian than Windsor.

Celebrate Your Fabulousness and Be Different

Enough of the chocolates, C.Ds and teddy bears, give your partner something special. Remember, Valentine’s Day is about love and they love you, so why not show them a side of you which you reserve only for them. Imagine the surprise and joy on your partner’s face as they open your personalised photoshoot, just for them.

Let us make you feel confident and sexy. It doesn’t matter who you are in the real world, when you walk through our doors you are a model waiting to be pictured looking your finest. At Ivy Rose we give confidence to even the most camera-shy, with stunning results.

Valentine's photoshoot at Ivy Rose

For Him or Her

Whether you are a man or a woman, show that special someone just how you feel with a stunning and seductive shoot this Valentine’s Day. We believe this is the perfect gift for this Valentine’s Day as you tailor your shoot to fit your partner’s own idea of perfection. In these pictures we will capture you at your most beautiful and sensual, a gift that any partner would love to receive.

For Both of You

Calling all sexy couples, no matter how old or young you are, what you have is special and it needs to be captured! Ivy Rose invites you to enjoy a great experience with an even better outcome. The pictures we take of you will capture the passion in your relationship and will be a constant reminder to both of you just how sexy you are together. This is a great gift idea for anyone who wants to picture the passion in their relationship or maybe somebody who wants to reinvigorate theirs.

Valentine's photoshoot at Ivy Rose

So Much More Than Just a Picture

Everybody loves being pampered and our team of expert hair and make-up artists will help personalise and complete your look from a range of different styles. We believe everybody is beautiful and we specialise in enhancing and accentuating that beauty.

At Ivy Rose we understand that some of our customers may be somewhat nervous or anxious about having someone picture them in a sexy pose. However, our team make our customers feel instantly welcome, often finding that our customers enjoy the experience thoroughly, finding it liberating. Our packages are highly personalised and enjoyable, of course it helped that we ply you with chocolates and bubbly. This really is more than just a gift.

A boudoir photoshoot with Ivy Rose is a fantastic and original present for a loved one, whether you are doing it for them or with them. Create a beautiful memory, have fun and most importantly, feel fantastic!