How Photoshoots Empower Women

Marilyn Monroe photoshoot empowering women

Throughout history, there has been a constant correlation between photography and female empowerment. From the confidence and glamour of Marilyn Monroe to the boundaries erased by Dita Von Teese, imagery communicates strength and power like no other medium. In the past, strategically timed real-life shots of world’s most iconic women inspired millions. Today, it’s all a little more on the regimented side, but empowerment photography has never been more relevant.

Image editing software has changed the way the world looks at striking and empowering photography like never before. But what’s also changed is the way in which empowerment through stunning photography is something all women can explore and access, should they choose to do so.

A Side You’ve Never Seen The beauty of professional photoshoots is the way they allow you to see a side of yourself you never knew existed. Part of the enjoyment and excitement of a photoshoot is the fact that you relinquish much (or sometimes all) control over what takes place. You take cues from the photographer, allow yourself to be shot from all angles and discover things about yourself you may never have known.

Which for obvious reasons can be incredibly empowering, not to mention inspiring and uplifting.

But what makes the biggest difference with empowerment photoshoots is the person you do them for…you. For most, the idea of boudoir photography, pinup photoshoots and similar sessions brings to mind connotations of romantic gifts. You’re essentially going through the motions for the purpose of bringing pleasure to someone else. By contrast, empowerment is all about what makes you and you alone feel good. Nothing else matters.

Dita Von Teese photoshoot empowering women

As Unique as You Contrary to popular belief, there’s no set formula or blueprint for an empowering photoshoot. Quite the opposite, as what would be incredibly empowering to one woman may be viewed as demeaning or even offensive by another. What constitutes and brings empowerment is unique from one woman to the next and never follows a specific set of rules.

It’s therefore the same story with empowering photoshoots. In order for such sessions to be successful, everything must be tailored around you and you alone. For some, it’s all about celebrating the unique beauty of their body and refusing to conform to the usual stereotypes. Others have unique views and attitudes toward fashion, while some are all about breaking every ‘rule’ in the book to make the most powering and inspiring statement possible.

What the professionals cannot tell you is what empowerment means to you specifically. This is for you and you alone to decide. However, what professionals can do is provide you with a platform to express yourself and help you create your own unique vision.

Empowerment has a definition, but it means something different to everyone. Nevertheless, there’s nothing quite like expert photography to send whatever kind of message you’d like to share. Get in touch to arrange a photoshoot to boost your confidence.