Creative Ideas for Memorable Maternity Photoshoots

Creative maternity photoshoots in Manchester

Beyonce’s announcement that she was pregnant with twins in February this year became the most liked photo on Instagram, reaching 7.2 million likes only 20 hours after posting. It isn’t just Beyonce who announced her pregnancy in this way, many expectant mothers, celebrity or not, have been harnessing the emotional power of a gorgeous maternity photograph. Photographs make a unique and creative way to announce a new arrival. Beyonce’s iconic image, among others, has inspired more and more women to announce their pregnancy in a creative way. Here are our tips for a unique maternity photoshoot.

Harness the Beauty of Nature

Flowers are a popular choice for maternity photoshoots due to their association with new life and regeneration. Beyonce harnessed this in a very big way, but there are many more subtle ways to embrace this trend. Many women want their pregnancy photoshoot to capture the beauty of nature, and creative use of flowers and foliage is an excellent way to create a stunning scene. Use of flowers in hair, either woven in naturally or through a more ornate headpiece arrangement can emphasise the beauty of nature and celebrate the new life you are bringing into the world. Alternatively, step out of the studio and in to the great outdoors to capture the natural world in its full glory.

Showcase Your Confidence

Although involving nature in your maternity photoshoot can have a gorgeous effect, many new mums choose a simple shoot which shows them in their natural state. A laid back, simple photograph can have just as much power and emotion behind it as a well prepared and perfectly choreographed shoot. In March this year, Cheryl showed off her new baby bump in a plain black sweater, with naturally styled hair and make up. Pregnant women sometimes find their confidence is knocked by all of the changes happening to their body, and a natural styled shoot allows them to come to terms with these changes and celebrate just how remarkable their bodies are.

Involve the Whole Family Maternity photoshoots are a great experience not just for new mothers but for dads and siblings too. A new addition to the family involves significant changes for everyone involved, so celebrate all together by photographing the whole family. The shared experience helps siblings and partners bond with the new arrival and adapt to the changes which will take place. Photographs of the whole family also give your partner some memories of their own to look back on and remember this special experience in your shared lives.

Sometimes older children can feel apprehensive about a new arrival, and they often worry about what will change with a new baby. Getting them involved helps them bond with the new baby, and can ease them through this period of transition.

Photoshoots can be done at any stage of pregnancy, or several times throughout pregnancy to track changes from bump to baby. Our maternity photoshoots are a relaxed and enjoyable experience for new mums, we do your hair and make up and create images which reflect who you are to treasure forever. So whether you are planning a unique pregnancy announcement or looking for a souvenir of this magical time of life, get in touch to find out more about our maternity photoshoots.