Boudoir Photoshoot: All You Need to Know

Boudoir Photography Studio Manchester

For some, the idea of posing half-naked in front of a total stranger is curiously alluring. For others, it’s no less than terrifying. It’s something that divides newcomers firmly down the middle, though has never been more popular in the UK and beyond.

As is often the case, getting the most out of your boudoir photoshoot means first familiarising yourself with a few basics. Particularly if you’re part of the concerned camp, the following insights could help you overcome your nerves and enjoy an incredibly liberating experience:

You Don’t Need Buckets of Confidence

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to be super confident to take part in a killer boudoir photoshoot. If fact, the vast majority of women find it all a little scary in the beginning. After all, it’s not as if baring your skin and posing in front of people you don’t know is natural. Nevertheless, as nerves melt away as the session progresses, an incredible transformation occurs. One that could do wonders for your confidence both inside and outside the studio.

Boudoir Photoshoot

No Occasion, Any Occasion

Anniversaries, weddings, weight loss – all popular occasions/reasons for booking a boudoir photoshoot. But here’s the thing – some of the most enjoyable and alluring of all are those booked for no reason whatsoever. Just because. And not only is there no need for a special occasion, boudoir photography doesn’t have to be for the benefit of someone else. If it’s something you’re interested in trying out, that’s all the justification you need – go for it!

Get Familiar Before the Shoot

It’s always worth exchanging a few messages, or even meeting the photographer in person before the shoot. This way, they’re slightly less of a stranger when the big day rolls around. Plus they’ll be able to get a better idea of what kind of shoot, makeup and props etc. will work best for you. The more familiar you get prior to the shoot, the happier and more confident you’ll be on the day.

Boudoir Photography

Perform a Little Prep

It goes without saying that your hair and makeup will be taken care of expertly prior to the shoot. For obvious reasons however, deeply nourishing facial masks, intensive mani-pedis and so on just aren’t going to fit with the time you’re allotted. And it goes without saying that this kind of pampering can do wonders for anyone’s confidence. As such, it’s worth thinking about performing a little prep work yourself, prior to heading to the studio. The better you feel about your skin, your nails, your hair and so on, the more you’ll get out of the session.

Trust Your Photographer

Last up, there are two things to bear in mind when it comes to trusting your photographer. Firstly, they know what they’re talking about – this is what they do for a living. So if they tell you something looks amazing or a pose isn’t working, they’re doing it for you. Secondly, it’s their reputation on the line with every shot they take and provide. They’re not going to tell you to do something that’ll make you look foolish – doing so would look even worse on them. Trust in their advice, have confidence in their abilities and know that they’re there for one reason alone – to make you look and feel fabulous.

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