Make a Beautiful Memory of Motherhood Before Baby Arrives with a Maternity Photoshoot

Maternity photoshoot

With the little prince being born just a few days ago, it got us feeling amazed again about the wonders of pregnancy.

What with the swollen feet and ankles, bouts of morning sickness, and heightened (though absolutely understandable) emotions, not to mention the sometimes not so gentle kicking of your tummy-treasure, pregnancy can be pretty tough. It is of course, all for something so precious and life changing. Over the last 10 years there has been an enormous surge in the number of women wanting to celebrate their bump in front of the camera. At Ivy Rose Studio we are no strangers to the maternity photoshoot, in fact we adore the growing number of growing women coming to see us for some time dedicated to making memories to be shared for all the years to come. We want to let you know why you should document it with a stunning and sophisticated maternity photoshoot.

Embrace Your Beauty

To the world you look beautiful; the pregnancy glow is not one of those old wives’ tales told to make us feel better about the hot flushes. It can be difficult to remember this when our feet are screaming after a short walk, or we are constantly needing to empty our bladders, and craving things that we would ordinarily have some control over. Well, Ivy Rose Studio says you are wonderful and what you are growing will also be wonderful. Of course it is one thing to tell you this through some words on a screen, but how about we help you feel beautiful, elegant, and relaxed with a professional, personalised maternity photoshoot from a team of female creatives?

beautiful maternity photoshoot

Pregnancy Photoshoot with Personality

We may not want to dwell on it at all times, but pregnancy is stressful. Weighed down by the awe-inducing mass inside of us, we are often left feeling exhausted.

A maternity photoshoot is the perfect way to feel like you again. Our bespoke photography shoots are all about capturing your personality whilst ensuring that you feel entirely relaxed. A creative maternity shoot includes hair and makeup and a choice of styles with up to 4 outfit changes, meaning all you need to do is step inside the studio, and let us work our magic.

maternity photoshoot with personality

Celebrate the Important Things in Life

One of the most exciting things about advances in technology is that we are now so accustomed to taking photos and being able to store those memories forever. Leading up to and on our wedding day, when we graduate, on special occasions, as well as the everyday, we use photography as a way to relive and continue to celebrate the milestones of our life; pregnancy shouldn’t be any different. We like to think of it as storytelling – something that you’ll be doing lots of once the baby arrives!

maternity photoshoot

Whether you want a photoshoot with just you and the bump, or a full family shoot, we can tailor our services to whatever you fancy. To learn more about our maternity shoots, or to make your booking, get to the Ivy Rose Studio website, or give one of our lovely ladies a call at the studio.