How to Achieve the Top Summer Eye-Makeup Trends at Home

At Ivy Rose Studio in Manchester, we love to take the ordinary and every day and make it that bit extraordinary with luxurious confidence-boosting photoshoots. On our small team of female creatives sits our hair and makeup supremo whose artistry can truly transform a look with the flick of some eyeliner, the swish of a brush, and a pop of some lipstick. Since we are lapping up this beautiful, if not quite unexpected, British summer, we want to take a look at some of our favourite summer eye-makeup trends and a few tips on how to achieve the look at home. You never know, they may inspire your look for a photoshoot with us! Think festival vibes, sparkly eyes, and lots of colour…

It’s All About the Aqua Eyeliner

Makeup by Ivy Rose Studio

What better way to get into the summer spirit by bringing visions of shimmering seas to your eyes. If you really want to indulge in the mermaid trends, use gel glitter eyeliner on the top and bottom then use your finger to gently smudge the liner at the outer regions of the eyes. It’s a bit of a throwback to the 90s, but at Ivy Rose Studio we love to take a blast from the past with a twist of the present.

Never Say Never with Neon

Neon Makeup by Ivy Rose

If there were ever a time to ramp up the colour, summer is the season to do so. No colour is off-limits and we love that! It’s the perfect blend of punk and pop art.

Inner-Eye Sparkle

Makeup by Ivy Rose Studio

We all deserve to feel fabulous each and every day, and sometimes all it takes is a little sparkle. By adding a bit of shimmer to the inner corners of the eyes not only acts as a highlighter but also creates a brighter and youthful appearance – and the best part is that it works for day and night. The trick is to not go too loud with this look, unless of course, you are off the Bestival and the likes this summer. Remember; subtly is key.

You Can’t Go Wrong with Cat-Eye

Cat-eye Makeup by Ivy Rose Studio

For those of you who know us, you are probably aware that Ivy Rose Studio has a love for the pin-up look which is so synonymous with the perfectly winged eyeliner. In spite of its popularity, getting the mirrored flick can be tricky in practice. As a general guide, you can think about the line as a continuation of your last lash and which follows up at an angle that would eventually reach the outer edge of your eyebrow – just don’t go that far. Different eye shapes tend to suit different eyeliner densities so don’t be afraid to experiment and find which is best-suited to you.

There we have it; a sneak peak at some of our favourite eye-makeup trends for this sensational summer of 2018. We don’t doubt that in the photoshoots to come, we will be taking inspiration from these to bring a bit more drama to the boudoir photoshoots, a splash of colour to match our cascade of flowers back drop, and a sprinkle of sparkle to stunning bridal photoshoots. Step into the extraordinary and book your luxury photoshoot with Ivy Rose Studio today!