How to Get the Pin-Up Look

Vintage Pin-up Photoshoots in Manchester

At Ivy Rose Studio we absolutely love all things vintage, and we get loads of inspiration for our shoots from the pin-up girls of the 1940s and 50s. This style focuses on natural make up which showcases the eyes, big hair, and vibrant clothing which emphasises the figure. Here are some of our tips for transforming yourself into a pin-up beauty for a photoshoot or for your Christmas party.

Vintage Pin-Up Make Up


To create the pin-up make up look, choose light coverage foundation which is a close match to your natural skin tone. Pin-up girls always seem to have perfect skin, but for many of us this is unachievable, so use concealer underneath your foundation to cover up any blemishes. Pin-up eyebrows are neatly groomed with a well defined arch, and filled in with pencil in a shade which either matches your hair colour or is one shade lighter.

Pin-up photographs

The pin-up look emphasises the eyes using natural colour eye shadow, with thick winged black eyeliner. Apply a light shade across your entire eyelid, then apply a darker brown, beige or grey across the crease of your eyelid, blending it towards the brow bone. The thick sweeping black eyeliner defines the pin-up look, so choose a liquid or gel eyeliner to really make an impact. Begin with short strokes along the lash line, then gradually make this line thicker and wing it out at the outer corner of your eye. Finish off the pin-up eye look using black mascara, and fake eyelashes if you choose. Use an eyelash curler first, and then apply enough mascara so that your eyelashes are larger than your eyeliner line to make your eyes look larger. To make your eyes look even larger, use a white eyeliner pencil along your lower eyelid. Pin-up lips are bright, big and beautiful, so finish off your make up with a bright red lipstick.

Sailor Girl Pin up Photoshoot


Pin-up hair is all about volume. These vintage hairstyles often feature curls and rolls, perfectly pinned into position, and accessorised with a bandana, flower pin or hat. Not all pin-up hairstyles use accessories, but a well positioned bow which coordinates with your outfit will add an extra touch of vintage class to your look. Classic 1940s hairstyles include victory rolls and pin curls, but there are many more variations of these to suit any face shape and hair length. Whatever your chosen pin-up style, start with clean, dry hair. Using a light hold hairspray over all of your hair first will make your hair easier to work with. Pin-ups would originally create their signature curls with rollers, but the same effect can be achieved with a curling iron and a bit of backcombing.

Pin-up makeover in Manchester


Pin-up fashion is all about being flirty and playful. Vintage boutiques both on the high street and online are a great source of inspiration for pin-up fashion, and Pinterest and Instagram are great resources for finding pin-up looks. Pin-up clothing is designed to showcase your curves, and uses bright colours and patterns to draw attention to your assets. This includes high waisted skirts, trousers and shorts, high waisted underwear, often paired with stockings and suspenders, and a bright coloured pair of heels.

Pin-up models of the 1940s and 50s are a constant source of beauty and fashion inspiration. At Ivy Rose Studio, you can have the experience of being a pin-up star for the day by booking a pin-up photoshoot. Our professional stylists will take care of your hair and make-up, and offer you a selection of gorgeous pin-up outfits. Contact us for more information or to book your photoshoot.