5 Ways Every Woman Can Feel Fabulous with a Professional Photoshoot – During and After!

Women's photoshoot with Ivy rose studio

At Ivy Rose Studio in Chorlton, Manchester we have the pleasure of welcoming hundreds of wonderful women through our doors all ready for a little luxury and some well-deserved self-indulgence with a stunning professional photoshoot. As a small team of female creatives, we adore working with our clients and watching each one leave their everyday stresses at the door and embrace their beauty. For those not in the know, it may seem pretty ridiculous to suggest that a photoshoot can be a truly transformative experience for our lovely ladies. We want to share why rather than ridiculous, we are quite right, and why you should book in for an empowering photoshoot today.

Do Something for You

How often does your day revolve around the needs of others? How often do you put yourself and your own wellbeing first? Probably not all that much. At work you may be running around for your boss and your clients, at home it becomes all about the other half, your friends, and your family. You consider yourself lucky if you can set aside 40 minutes for a bath and have control of the remote for the hour that your favourite programme is on. Booking a women’s photoshoot with Ivy Rose Studio is the ultimate gift you can give to yourself.

It’s All About You

It’s true; as soon as you arrive for your photoshoot at Ivy Rose Studio, nothing else and no one else matters; everyone in the room is there for you. Your hair, your makeup, your outfit, you have the final say on it all. Of course, if you’d like some suggestions or guidance from the team, we are more than happy to help you out. Whatever you decide on we can promise that you will feel absolutely fabulous. That’s the most important thing after all.