3 Reasons For Booking a Couple’s Photoshoot at Ivy Rose Studio

Couple's photoshoot at Ivy Rose Studio

With the coming together of our newly favourite royal couple and the wedding season well on the way, felt in fingers and toes, all around us, love really is in the air and it’s dancing around Ivy Rose Studio too! We have had blushing brides and playful fiancées coming by to create something a little special only to be seen by their husband-to-be with a bridal boudoir photoshoot; there have been soon-to-be-mothers and their bump building beautiful life-long memories with a showering of maternity photoshoots; we regularly see loved-up couples coming through the doors of our studio too and we really couldn’t be happier for the lot of ‘em. In our previous blogs we’ve focused on the first two mentioned photoshoots, so now we’ll take a look at the latter – couple’s photoshoots, and why you should book yours with us today!

Fun Way to Get Some Quality Time Together

In 2018, we are not living in a time of “take it easy”. In fact, for a lot of us, learning the tricks to a perfect work/life balance is pretty brutal. Darting between business meetings, the supermarket, taxiing around the rabble, ticking off our own to-do list and taking on favours for friends that frankly you should have said no to, when we finally make it home and slump into the sofa we are too exhausted to give the effort we would like to our other half who is equally exhausted – so you have dinner, unenthusiastically, watch a bit of TV, and go to bed. By booking a couple’s photoshoot at Ivy Rose Studio, you are committing to a couple of hours doing something different together and sharing a fun experience to be remembered forever.

A Couples’ Photoshoot is a Celebration of Love

Photoshoot at Ivy Rose Studio